About Us

WIN is a free benefits and work incentives planning service provided by six Oregon Centers for Independent Living to people with disability benefits who want to work. 

Who Does WIN Serve?

Clients of the State of Oregon, Department of Human Services, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, who are working or interested in working, and who are also:

• People with disabilities who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
• People with disabilities who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
• People with disabilities who do not receive any cash benefit or insurance  benefits from
   Social Security, but receive public benefits such as SNAP,  housing assistance, etc.
• People with disabilities who are or have worked and have received 
    notice from SSI or SSDI that they owe money to Social Security due 
    to an “overpayment”.

WIN Staff

WIN staff will help you design an individual plan that allows you to be in control of your benefits and work incentives when you work.

There are over 40 work incentives programs available that can help people with disabilities achieve their employment goals.

WIN staff can help with all of these programs including the creation of a PASS (Plan for Achieving Self Support) or IRWE (Impairment Related Work Expense)!

To find the WIN staff nearest you, please visit our Contact Us page